Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Last Chance

He was unclean
somewhat obscene
He hadn’t showered since he was nineteen
He couldn’t get into any hotel

Downside of love is the upside of hate
He wouldn’t settle for any old fate
So he’d sleep in his car at the side of the road

And wait for his chance

She was a drag
she’d nag and she’d rag
She was the type who would hide the price tag
She didn’t like things when they went too well

Setting’s the same as a bad T.V. show
a beginning a middle the end comes too slow
she’d go back to her room and examine the gloom

And wait for her chance

I played it cool
more or less like a fool
My best opportunities
passed like a stool
I couldn’t keep things from going to hell
People still hang
inside the museums
But it doesn’t matter if you don’t
Go see them
Because there’s pictures aplenty
if life’s not enough

To take your last chance

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